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Carpet Dyeing

Are your carpets faded from the sun? Has bleach, toilet cleaner or acne medication been spilled on your carpet? Or is your carpet colour outdated, or you just don’t like it? No, your only option ISN’T to replace the carpet – we can help!

For much less than the cost of replacement, we can:

  • Repair bleach stains and any colour loss spots on your carpet
  • Repair fade caused from years of exposure to the sun
  • Completely change your carpet colour

The dyes used are 100% permanent and will wear in exactly the same manner as your existing carpet. Carpets can be walked on immediately and there will be no colour transfer.

Did you know that, over time, all carpets lose 2% to 3% of their colour each year? We also offer a ColourClean service for carpets that are 1-2 years old where, for a little more than a regular carpet clean, we can add that colour that has faded back into your carpet, keeping it looking as new as the day it was laid. This is a great maintenance service for the long term life of your carpet colour.

For a full list of carpet dyeing services please visit our Evolution Carpet Dyeing website.


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