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Carpet and Rug Steam Cleaning

Carpet and Rug Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is a thorough, deep cleaning process. We pre-spray your carpet first using a tea-tree and citrus based pre-spray which begins to work immediately, breaking down and loosening dirt and soiling. Then, we use our truck-mounted hot water extraction machine to give a deep steam clean of your carpet. Finally, we utilise a clean rinse to neutralise the pH of your carpet. This ensures your carpet stays cleaner for longer. Included in the cost is the spot treatment of any spots, leaving you with clean, sanitised and deodorised carpet.

Drying times will vary depending on the ventilation and the weather conditions, however they can be walked on immediately with clean shoes. Please however, be careful when stepping from the damp carpet to hard surfaces as it can be slippery.

We strictly treat each and every rug differently and understand the special attention, care and proper cleaning it requires. Our knowledge and equipment mean that the best results are reached and the life of the rug is extended by looking as good as new.


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