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Red Wine Spills

We have so many people ask us, “What do I do if I spill red wine on the carpet?”
Some do’s and dont’s:


  • Mop up the excess wine with a paper towel or cloths by blotting gently.
  • Put salt or bicarb on the stain to absorb the excess moisture for only a minute or two, no more – then vacuum it up
  • Call us! Most red wine stains can be removed with our products and knowledge – the more the stain is touched, the more chance the stain will set.


  • Spray with over the counter sprays – they often set the stain
  • Put salt on the stain and leave it for a long period of time – it can eat into the fibres
  • Put lots of water on the stain – it pushes the wine into the underlay, causing it to spread further
  • Put white wine on the stain – see above!
  • Google remedies – eek!

Remember, your carpet is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your home, after the building itself so call a professional to give you the best chance of removing that stain!